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Steve gives examples, such as VSCode and Slack, that use Electron when building their app.

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Transcript from the "Famous Electron Apps" Lesson

>> Steve Kinney: Lets talk about who's using Electron to basically give ourselves a sense of what are the kind of things that you could build with Electron. And it is mostly through happy accident that a lot of the applications that we're gonna use to build our Electron applications today, or that I'm gonna use to build these Electron applications today, are in fact Electron applications.

[00:00:24] Kind of one of the more famous ones is Slack. So Slack is an Electron application that has a web view kind of in this shell that allows it to run. You can Cmd+Tab over to it. It's in the dock, has its own menu, so on and so forth.

[00:00:43] Visual Studio Code is one of the more famous examples. It's a full IDE for writing applications. It's gonna be the IDE that I use to build Electron applications. So again, building Electron applications in an Electron application. It's crazy. Hyperterm, or Hyper, is a terminal emulator that I'll be using for navigating around the command line, also an Electron application, right?

[00:01:09] So, these are not normally, when we think about yeah, building web applications, these feel a lot more like full-fledged native applications. They just happen to be built using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, which is pretty awesome. GitHub's official client is also an Electron application. Electron started from the kind of underneath of the Atom text editor.

[00:01:32] Get it? Atom. Electron. It's cute. And so obviously GitHub uses it for other things, including this application, which is a visual editor for making get commits, which is actually really great because you can select different lines. And, I don't want to do it on the command line cuz I'm a front end engineer, and I like pretty things.

[00:01:51] So a lot of the applications that I'm gonna using for building this, again, are Electron applications, which are super cool.