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Steve utilizes the developer tools available in the Electron app to demonstrate that they work the way they do in the browser, but with the added bonus of allowing access to things like the Node and Browser APIs.

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Transcript from the "Dev Tools in Electron" Lesson

>> Steve Kinney: We can go ahead and go to Window, or rather View and do Toggle Developer Tools. And we'll se that I've got some dev tools here. And I can do stuff like alert.
>> Steve Kinney: And I get an alert. Or I can do like Require the file system module.

>> Steve Kinney: And I can do like FS.
>> Steve Kinney: Oops, I'll give it a call back. Let's say console log.
>> Steve Kinney: All right, I can access the current directory that I'm here, as you can see my node modules, my read me, my license. I can access the file system directly from the browser.

[00:00:49] So if you didn't believe me before that all the node APIs are available as well as all the browser APIs, I have just proven it to you, and we're ready to rock.