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Emma wraps up the course and shares additional resources, namely information about frontend engineers with knowledge about design systems, conferences about design systems, and existing design systems to learn from.

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Transcript from the "Wrapping Up" Lesson

>> Okay, let's just wrap it up to talking about some resources that you can use to learn more about design systems. There are many people in this industry in design systems who are extremely notable. I want to recognize specifically Gina and she is fantastic. There's also a design systems Twitter list, so if you wanna go subscribe to that, that's great.

[00:00:17] Brad Frost is one of the veterans of the industry and Mina Markham is also great. Lots of great people on this list, so I recommend checking them out. Again, Clarity Conf, this is solely for design systems and there are a couple others as well. This is kind of a newer field, so it's still growing but hopefully we'll see more conferences.

[00:00:34] And if you're looking for some really notable design systems, these are just a few. There are lots of different design systems and there is a GitHub repository where people have actually gone and aggregated different design systems. So you can go check this out as well. Again, if you wanna check out some accessibility resources, here are some links that you can go check out to learn more about web accessibility.

[00:00:59] And someone had asked previously if I have any other tools I would recommend for building a style guide. Absolutely, I would recommend Gatsby if you work with React is fantastic and what's nice is you can still write all your documentation in MDX. They have a starter file for a starter blog, a blog is very similar to a style guide.

[00:01:15] So it'll actually parse all of your MDX files with GraphQL and it'll auto compile those down for you. React style guide is this is another one I wanna call out. They're very good, obviously, it's React specific, but it's a great tool. And with that, if you have any questions, please reach out to me.

[00:01:33] This is my first workshop, so I'm really happy that you're all here and everyone is so supportive. So I just wanna thank you all for that and if I can ever help you or do anything, please let me know.