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Emma explains that building a design system is time consuming, and always evolving. Without teamwork to implement and follow the chosen system, the system fails. Teamwork is necessary to consistently follow the design system blueprint.


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>> So some of the drawbacks of design systems is time. Time is a big one. Rome was not built in a day, your design system is not going to be either. It's gonna take time and I'm not talking a couple of weeks, a couple of months. To build a fully robust design system from scratch not using any other component libraries or UI frameworks, it's gonna take a long time.

And it's never done, it's never complete. This is not a product with like a finite release date. This is a product serving products. And as a result, it's gonna require some maintenance. So this industry changes very quickly. Different, what's the word like different priorities or different. What am I looking for?

Fads I guess, right. Like we have UX fads and they change quickly. So it's gonna require some maintenance and what that means is we need investment. We need investment from our leadership and this can be really, really difficult. We need designers, engineers, and product managers to ensure the success of our system.

Because actually a lack of adoption is the number one reason why design systems fail.

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