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Sarah discusses the importance of establishing your own motion design language and how it can stregthen your brand.


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>> Sarah Drasner: I think it's good to make motion design language, and a lot of people when you talk about motion design, so this is like a fake, you know idea of what a motion design language could be that I made, and I made a GIF of it, it's actually a codepen demo that you can see.

A lot of people think of motion design language and they think Google material design. Which they're not wrong, Google material design is a motion design language and it's a well-documented motion design language. Probably one of the most well-documented motion designed languages out there. But that doesn't mean that you should use theirs.

Just like you shouldn't use their branding. It works for them if you do though, right? If you, as someone else on the web uses google material design, and someone goes to your site and they go Google, that's great for Google, that's not great for you. That's great for them, like they see that kind of motion, and they're like I recognize that, that's strong branding.

But that's not your branding, so by having your own opinions about all of the ways that motion can work and some does and don'ts, there are things that you decide, right? There are things that you decide, choices that you make. We always bring things in from the right.

We never use popping eases, we always do. You know, and it's, they might be slightly arbitrary but they might also be in line with some of the things that you saw earlier like if I'm using colors that are more vibrant, maybe I use more bounces and kind of excited things and maybe if I use more muted tones.

I only use signed eaves and things that come in kind of less dramatically.

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