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TypeScript & Flow Summary

Kyle Simpson

Kyle Simpson

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Deep JavaScript Foundations, v3

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After mentioning an article on TypeScript compared with Flow, Kyle summarizes his thoughts on these two tools.


Transcript from the "TypeScript & Flow Summary" Lesson

>> Kyle Simpson: If you're curious about TypeScript and Flow and their differences, this is both similarities and differences, but especially differences, I found this particular article to be very helpful. They went through essentially both projects side by side, big long list of all the different characteristics and where they are the same, same, same, same, and the places where they are different.

It's a good article, so I'd recommend checking it out. In summary, what I would say is that TypeScript and flow are very useful in that a lot of people are finding them to be helpful to solve their typing issues, helpful to make their types more obvious. Where I find them to be frustrating or maybe it's just me frustrated about the ecosystem is that we seem to jump immediately to, that's the only option.

If you have types, you can either ignore types entirely and use triple equals, or you can jump to this other extreme, which is layer on something on top of JavaScript, which I would argue is fundamentally not really the DNA of JavaScript. And I would like for there to be something in between.

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