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Todd introduces the demo application, getRANTr, that is used throughout the course. NOTE: We recommend using Node version 8.17.0 for this course.


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>> I'm going to introduce our application that we're gonna use today. How many of you use Twitter? I use Twitter a lot, probably too much, the worst part about Twitter is probably this. It's when you see some some engagement happening on your feed and they're obviously wrong. They're just so wrong that you need to take time out of your day, time out of your sleep, time away from work to instruct them on how wrong they are about the world.

I think this is a big mess for Twitter and so I have this application that I think I'm willing to totally disrupt the Twitter market and it's called getRANTr. You wanna see getRANTr? I think everybody signed their non disclosure agreements as everybody was coming in, so we should be good to go.

So getRANTr, Is a lot like Twitter, it's got your profile, you can upload a picture. Here's a picture of me back when the hair was still on top of my head and on the bottom of my head and I've been ranting since May of 2015. So I have that information, I can say new things, I can rant about anything I want to say, Frontend Masters is in the house.

I don't know what that means, I have a timeline of all the different things that I've ranted about. This is one of my favorites the years 2017, Donald Trump is President the primary resistance leaders are Teague Teen Vogue and Merriam Webster online dictionary, it's one of my favorite tweets.

And I even have an awesome monetization model in place where I have all of this awesome JavaScript tracking code following me around the Internet and it knows exactly the kind of ads that I want. Things David Hasselhoff and bacon, and Crocodile Dundee and bears as right on. But getRANTr leaves out that most irritating part about Twitter, other people.

Because we getRANTr it's all about you, only you can write on your timeline. Only you can see your timeline and no two getRANTr users can ever interact with each other. It's brilliant, it totally destroys all of the problems of online social media with Twitter. So clearly, clearly this is gonna be awesome.

After the day, there's anybody who know moonlights as a venture capitalist. I'll have some term sheets ready, we can get this thing started. But getRANTr written with a lot of JavaScript, so it's got some bugs, so we're gonna fix those bugs here together. Now, getRANTr uses Track:js which is this other tool that I work on.

And as part of that, I've helped fix over 37 billion bugs. And we're on a whole bunch of awesome sites including Frontend Masters. Lonely Planet, Atlassian, Xamarin, AdRoll, 3M, Thomson Reuters, dozens and dozens and dozens of others. And so we're gonna use a little bit of this to help us understand where our bugs coming from.

And so now is the time, if you haven't already to get everything set up. GetRANTr is available as a semi open source model. You can pull it down off of GitHub slash Todd H gardener slash getRANTR. So online real dependency is node, so you should be able to pull it down npm install and get it started.

There should be instructions out there. Why don't we take just a quick 10 minute break, make sure everybody has it going, and then we'll move on with our first exercise.

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