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Brian explains how a Neo4j database can run with no cost in production, as long as the team only uses one server.


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>> So admittedly, I know even less about how to run Neo4j in production. The one thing I did want to call out is how it's licensed so like a consideration around that. Neo4j is licensed to run as the Community Edition for free, as long as you're only running it as one server.

Which for the most part means that you as a hobbyist or as a very small company can run Neo4j. But as soon as you want to do a clustered server. Which basically means any sort of like real production, deployment. You have to pay the Neo4j company money for that licence to run those particular kinds of things.

Honestly, like I think it's fine like they have an entire team that works on Neo4j. I think it's fine for them to get paid for their work. They also have a bunch of other like enterprising stuff, they can do like Active Directory Integrations. They have unlimited size. Community Edition does have a size cap.

It's very large but that does have a size cap. The other really big thing is the Community Edition can only do backups if you take down the server. Whereas the enterprise one can do stay up the entire time and still do backups. So just be aware, it's a company, they're trying to make money, but think that's okay.

Beyond that they just have, primaries and secondaries. They also have the idea of sharding and things like that. So kind of all the things that you would expect based on the other databases we've worked with

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