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>> Bianca Gandolfo: Further resources in case you wanted more. I don't know why I just like this gif, I think it's cute. So we have a couple of things that I recommend on finding master Brian Holt has a computer science in five hours course. And then fundamasters will have upcoming interview prep course right Mark?

>> Speaker 2: Yes.
>> Bianca Gandolfo: And we also have some other resources that I like. I use geeks for geeks a lot, you'll see that linked. It's a crowd sourced website with a bunch of different of data structure algorithms, interview type questions, and also you can practice there. There's this github repo that someone compiled while they were studying for an interview, for like a Google interview.

[00:00:43] It turned into pretty much like a book of all kinds of stuff so that's pretty cool. Cracking the coding interview is a good one if you like to read. Here's all the solutions online which is nice. They have Java Script solutions as well. And also some ES5 solutions, which is cool too.

[00:01:01] So if you want to just do a lot of practice. So these are more like resources to read, this is resources to watch and exercises. And this is just only exercises, so Leetcode is just a bunch of random exercises. Hacker rank is good to use in practice cuz a lot of companies actually use this for their interviews and it has kind of a weird interface.

[00:01:24] So, I recommend just trying out some problems on Hacker Rank before you have to do it in a high stakes situation, just because it's a little tough to figure out. Also, debugging and hacker rank can be tough, and they're tracking if you're copying and pasting and things like that.

[00:01:43] So, it's just something to practice with. These two are pretty cool, and Primp, they're real interview where you can practice. So one of them is where you get interviewed by a peer, and then another one is you're actually getting interviewed by people anonymously. You are anonymized. I've never actually done this, but someone was telling me about and it sounds so cool.

[00:02:07] You are anonymized when you interview, and if you do well, it's kind of like a dating app I guess. If you do well or I guess if the interviewer is interested in hiring you then you could figure out where they work and who they are. So it's kind of cool way to get practice and maybe get introduced to a cool opportunity.

[00:02:28] [SOUND] Okay, thanks everyone. We made it. We made it through.
>> Bianca Gandolfo: [APPLAUSE]