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Wrapping up the course, Shirley takes a question from a student.

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Transcript from the "Q&A" Lesson

>> Speaker 1: How long have you been working with d3?
>> Shirley Wu: Like the first time I ever set sight on it and tried to use it was April 2011. I think it came out January 2011. So I had a instructor at the time that I was working with on a research project, and she was like try this d3 thing.

[00:00:16] Because before d3, I think it was something like Graph Dracula, some very intensely scary thing, and it was painful. And she was just like try out this d3. But I think back then I had just started taking CS classes and I didn't know any JavaScript. And I was super confused, did not know how anything worked, and then a year later, I started at my new job, and then they were like hey there's this thing called d3 you wanna try it out, and I was like sure.

[00:00:51] So August 2012 was when I finally understood d3, like the whole data binding and. When that clicked, everything else in the library just came so naturally for me. Yeah, so August 2012 is probably the answer. It's been a while, yeah. And then React since
>> Shirley Wu: August 2014, September 2014, something like that.

[00:01:19] So using them together since September 2014 or something like that, yeah.