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Shirley reveals the data visualization project an aggregation of weather data charts that will be built throughout the course.


Transcript from the "Course Demonstration Review" Lesson

>> Shirley Wu: This is what we'll be building today. It's basically weather data for San Francisco and New York in the year of 2017. The data itself basically only has a date, and the high temperature of that date, low temperature of that date, and the average of that date. We will be building a variation of this where there is a line chart, it started out as a bar chart but no longer is a bar chart.

And this one, I've been calling it radio chart and someone else suggested calling it a polar chart. But we'll be building these three today and we'll be using these to talk about how to use d3, how to use SVG canvas, and React. I have Amsterdam in here too.

>> Shirley Wu: Also, I don't know what happened on this day, where it dropped so low.

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