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Transcript from the "Design Solution, Part 2" Lesson

>> Shirley Wu: This is kind of the one I did. It's a really rough drawing, and it's a really quite simple one, too. And all it is is each of these peaks or valleys are moving and what I wanted to show, the main goal I had, was to show the seasonality of the movies.

[00:00:19] And then also I just wanted to show the different categories that might peak during those seasons. And so, I wanted to show each of these curves are box office and the higher it is off of this kind of like center line, the center line represents the median box office.

[00:00:40] So the higher it is, the more it went over the median and the lower is the less it made. And so, this is what I was also talking about visual metaphors, so it did better so it goes up. It's kind of like a curve up and then it did worse, so it's kind of drooping down a little bit.

[00:01:09] That's sort of a visual metaphor. And then I wanted to use textures to denote summer and winter holidays. And I wanted to specifically use textures so that there isn't, cuz we already used this solid color to color in the movie. So I wanted it to be textures in the background so that it's visually, you can differentiate between them.

[00:01:41] I have some notes to myself about, yeah so denoting holidays as cross hatch patterns and maybe having horizontal lines across to denote maybe 20 million or 50 million intervals for comparison. So this is just a really simplistic sketch I did for myself. I think this is what I want to have us building for the rest of the class as we go into the code section.