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>> Shirley Wu: So for today, my goal is to be able to get through these things. So we're going to start the first section with data exploration and we're going to use observable notebook and Vega-lite. And Vega-lite is one of these like kinda grammars for building interactive visualizations that make a lot of like the basic charts very easy.

And then we're gonna talk about design principles, and in particular we're gonna talk about marks and chanels, as well as like Gelstalt Laws of grouping. And then we're going to take the designs we come up with and our exercises. And we're gonna turn them into code and we're gonna talk about SVG, a little bit about SVG paths, and about D3, and shapes and layouts that we can use from D3.

And then we're going to finish with annotations, axes, legends, things to make your custom visualization readable. [LAUGH]

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