Building Custom Data Visualizations

Chart Brainstorming Exercise

Shirley Wu

Shirley Wu

Data Sketches
Building Custom Data Visualizations

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In this exercise, the audience is instructed to brainstorm and sketch possible chart types that will aid in answering questions they have about the data.


Transcript from the "Chart Brainstorming Exercise" Lesson

>> Shirley Wu: Don't get on the computer just yet. Use the papers you have and let's brainstorm some of the charts to answer the questions. And I recommend you, just picking maybe one of the questions, write it on the top and then just brainstorm, is this one going to be helpful to look at with let's say a bar chart or a scatter plot.

And if you want to look at other things that Vega-Light can do, I'm going to pull this up. So this is the example gallery for Vega-Light. You can just search for a Vega-Light example gallery. And these are other visualizations that you can potentially do with Vega-Light. So if the four things I showed you earlier maybe doesn't help you answer the question, you can look at these that might help answer the questions.

But before you jump into doing Vega-Light in observable notebook we had earlier, I just want us to jot down some ideas on pen and paper, yeah. So let's do this for the next, I want to give us a little bit more time, 15 minutes. And,
>> Shirley Wu: After 15 minutes we'll come back.

We'll talk about the different data chart or data types, and then we'll play around with them in Vega-Lite, yeah.

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