Testing Web Apps with Cypress

Form Validation Exercise

Steve Kinney

Steve Kinney

Testing Web Apps with Cypress

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Students are instructed to test the form's email and password validation. A correctly formatted email should be the only value accepted by the email field. The password field cannot be empty.


Transcript from the "Form Validation Exercise" Lesson

>> Your job is to look to see there's actually an email address, to make sure the password is present when the email has been filled in, right? And then to look at that sign up button as well and make sure we're navigating to the page there as well.

So try some of these out for yourself too. And so you can, whichever method is most appealing to you, if you like checking the property, great, if you wanted to read the message, also fine. But go through and figure out how to make sure that the email address is really an email address.

And that they do fill an email address and they hit submit, then we should yell at them that they need to include a password as well.

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