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Students are instructed to make an alias for the filter input, type a search term into the filter, and verify that only one item appears in the results on the page.


Transcript from the "Aliases Exercise" Lesson

>> There is a file called 03-Aliases.Spec. Your job is to kinda take some of the stuff that we're doing manually by hand every time and just kinda get comfortable using some aliases. So in this case, you will make an alias for the filter input, you'll type a search term in that filter.

You'll verify that only the items that match that filter are shown on to the page, right? Or if you wanna try something else like moving one from one to the other, you can make an alias for the patch, unpack list, click it, whatever seems the most interesting to you.

If you don't have something you can think of, do this. If there's something you wanna just do on the page, these are not the only places aliases will work, you can do whichever one you want. These are probably the ones that review though

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