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Burke demonstrates that under the VS Code settings is a JSON object. The JSON object can be modified by the user to further personalize the editor.


Transcript from the "Settings JSON" Lesson

>> Burke Holland: You can also do customizations to your editors, so you can customize the theme that you've already got. If you were to go into your settings file here, so I'm gonna do that, command or control-comma. And then what I wanna do is I want to actually look at the JSON, let's see here, I wanna look at the,

>> Burke Holland: JSON inside of my settings. So the settings UI, let's see if I can figure out how to get this to work here. I want the settings UI to be JSON instead of the actual UI here. So if we back off this a little bit we can see here what we want is settings JSON.

Configure editor settings to be overridden for Edit and settings.JSON. So here's our settings.JSON file. This is the file that is underneath that settings UI. And you can see that as I've been adding things here, they're showing up. So here's our font ligatures set. Here's our zoom level. Here's my theme.

We can do things like theming the title bar up there. So we can do. In fact, let's switch back over here and I'll show you in this instance, workbench.color customizations is what it looks like. And what then what you can do in here is you can change the different colors of the editor part.

So you can change just the status bar, just the title bar, or just the activity bar. Here, you can see I've got the active background set for tabs and some other things like that. So you can change colors here as well, you could change this to 3, 3, 3, 3 and it will change the colors of the tabs up top.

It put a little line underneath the settings.JSON tab there. You can also change things like the title. So you can see I have window title here, and then I've got a little ASCII art. So you do a lot, you can mess around with your settings and figure out the things that you can change inside of VS code to make it more yours.

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