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Estelle shows some of her favorite CSS Grid resources and shows a few more demo websites.

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Transcript from the "More Grid Resources" Lesson

>> Estelle Weyl: Rachel Andrews, who's awesome, has this website called Grid by Example, and there's a little button that says Start Here, and that's where you should start to learn the basics. You basically know the basics, but you're gonna forget everything I just told you today cuz you're gonna have so much by the end of the day that your brain is gonna explode.

[00:00:21] So you wanna come here and then Jen Simmons has an intro to CSS. And it's not just an intro to CSS, but she has all of these labs. So when you go to her webpage, I'm just gonna go to, here it is, Jen Simmons. There's a little thing right here called Labs.

[00:00:41] You click on Labs, and she has l a monopoly done with CSS grid.
>> Estelle Weyl: She's a great graphic designer, so she basically has this example here. Where that is a much more beautiful website, she makes very good use of white space. So here, we have five images placed in a grid where she basically said this is the row I want and this is the column I want

>> Estelle Weyl: They're what you call explicitly placed and then she has some artwork here, the Responsive Mondrian.
>> Estelle Weyl: Nope, there's one where it actually changes.
>> Estelle Weyl: This one, you'll see that it changes as you grow it. What you want to do with these things is you want to take a look at them, go wow, that's amazing and then do a view source.

[00:01:56] Look at how she created it and take a look at the CSS and go, wow, that's so easy. Grid, once you get used to it, makes laying out pages super easy.