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We only use two cursor values, but there are lots of cursors available to provide more context to the user.

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>> Estelle Weyl: Cursors. We all use these. And if you actually mouse over all of these, so feel free to mouse over all of these. I actually changed the cursor on all of these. We have cursors that you might not have ever thought to use, such as zoom-out and zoom-in, all-scroll, row-resize, copy, no-drop, right?

[00:00:21] Who used no-drop before? It's kind of cool. Alias, vertical text, cell, context menu, and none. And then progress, I think we had before and we had some of these before. These have actually all been around for more than five years, it's just they didn't make it into the books.

[00:00:43] So people usually don't think about cursors. They usually just think about default.