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To finish work on this example web page, Jen's exercise challenge is to complete the laying out the content using CSS Grid rules and classes.

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Transcript from the "Practical Application Exercise Setup" Lesson

>> Jen Krammer: What I'd like for you do now that we've got you started on this, I'd like you to go on ahead and finish up this grid. And so what you're gonna do is continue on in this example. So we did row one together. I'd like you to do rows two through five.

[00:00:19] Go on ahead and set up the grid columns, and the grid rows, and the classes for all of the cells that are here on the page. It's basically gonna look exactly like what we've already done twice before. So what we had before is our float solution. What we had before is our flex box solution.

[00:00:38] We're just recoding this page again now with grid as a little bit more practice.