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Transcript from the "Flexbox Questions and Answers" Lesson

>> Speaker 1: Is there any problem with using negative margin value? It seems hacky, but it seems to work okay.
>> Jen Kramer: Yeah, yeah, that's pretty much the attitude of the community. Negative margins are hacky, but it does in fact work, and it's legal, so yeah. You could definitely use negative margins.

[00:00:18] I've stuck with positive margins, which, for whatever reason, people seem happier with.
>> Jen Kramer: Other comments?
>> Speaker 1: Evans like, well, okay well, I don't really get the more control thing still. If we're setting the exact percentage of the width and know the exact number of columns in each row, setting justified content space evenly has the same control as setting margins.

>> Jen Kramer: You are welcome to do that. Go right on ahead, okay?
>> Speaker 1: Is space evenly usable in browsers today?
>> Jen Kramer: I'm not sure space evenly has as much support as space between or space around.
>> Speaker 1: Yeah, it's not fully compatible yet.
>> Jen Kramer: Yeah, probably not fully compatible. In our universe, where we work with the latest version of Firefox and Chrome, it's a beautiful world.

[00:01:08] [LAUGH] Everything works, but probably not in your regular browser stack.