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Jen wraps up the course by summarizing the topics covered. You can find more CSS courses in our CSS Learning Path.


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>> Congratulations, you have made it to the end of the course. We have taken a look at so many things from start to finish in this course, we have dive deeply into CSS Grid and how CSS Grid works. We looked at all of its different syntaxes. We looked at different kinds of layouts across media queries.

We looked at Flexbox and how we might apply Flexbox to things like navigation bars and to other layouts that are not possible with grid. We looked at responsive images. And finally we dug into container queries here at the end, both container size queries, which are widely supported. And container style queries, which are coming up and are gonna allow us to do some some super cool things.

I hope you enjoyed this course, I look forward to seeing you in another one sometime soon. Thanks a lot.

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