Four Semesters of Computer Science in 5 Hours, Part 2

Four Semesters of Computer Science in 5 Hours, Part 2

4 hours, 24 minutes CC

This course has been updated! We now recommend you take the Complete Intro to Computer Science course.

Learning computer science makes you a better developer, makes your apps better, and allows you to answer difficult engineering interview questions. In part 2 of the series, you’ll join Brian Holt — returning Frontend Masters instructor and developer at Microsoft — as he unpacks 4 semesters of computer science in 5 hours. You’ll dive deeper into computer science concepts such as traversing binary search trees, pathfinding, traversing graphs, generating a randomized maze, plus more ways to search and sort!

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Published: April 2, 2018
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Table of Contents


Bloom Filters

Tree Traversals



Generating a Maze


Searching for an Element in an Array

Heap Sort

Radix Sort