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Brian walks through initializing the course project as a git repo, including setting up a .gitignore file to ignore specific files and not push them to GitHub.

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Transcript from the "Git" Lesson

>> That is ESlint. The next thing that I want you to do is we're gonna be using this little tiny project, you've probably never heard of it, it's called Git. Everyone should be using Git. More than anything, what I just want you to do is I just wanna say get a Git on your project, even if you don't check in stuff to like GitHub or Bitbucket or whatever you choose to check it into, it's just nice to track source control over time and you can kinda get a history of where your codes gone.

[00:00:24] And therefore if you mess something up, you can always roll back to a previous state, I just suggested, no matter if you don't intend on checking it or not. So I did that, we're gonna make this a Git project. You'll see now that if I say ls-lsa, you can see here we now have a dot Git directory.

[00:00:45] That's where that dot Git directory comes from, is that Git init, that's where all like you'd get stuff is tracked. [INAUDIBLE] Get course right now, there's a great front of masters course from my good friend and former co-worker from two companies, Nina, that goes over what Git is, and Git does.

[00:01:02] If I had to suggest anything and I do to like new developers is like learn Git fairly well. You will save yourself a lot of time and agony if you know how to do cherry picking and stuff like that. Unfortunately it's not intuitive, and as a developer tools person, it has the worst developer experience, but it's important.

[00:01:22] Even if you know how to use like the GitHub UI really well, I'm totally fine with that, yeah.
>> I haven't finished it, but I found even just her explanation of how even Git works was super interesting.
>> Yeah. She's a great teacher. I really like Nina. Hi, Nina.

[00:01:36] She's probably not watching, but hi nonetheless. So more than anything, I want you to create a new file here called dot Git ignore. And we're just gonna put a bunch of stuff in here that we should definitely ignore in our project. Node modules.parcel-cache, or, yeah, cache, dist, that's where our build is gonna go, .emv, I just put that in there probably out of force of habit more than anything, .DS_Store, if you're on a Mac, you know exactly what that is.

[00:02:10] Or actually you probably don't know what it is, but you see it everywhere. Do you wanna know what it is? It's like, if you like move icons around it saves the relative position of stuff, and it's like configuration for like MacOS stupid stuff. Coverage. That's gonna come from Istanbul, that'll come in intermediate react.

[00:02:31] And then dot VS code, we're not gonna check in our own VS code settings to the project. So that means we can do that just fine