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Brian demonstrates how to create a Git repository and set files to be ignored in the .gitignore file. The set ignored files will not be pushed to the Git repository.

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Transcript from the "Git" Lesson

>> All right, let's go work on Git. I imagine most of you are probably pretty familiar with Git, if not, fantastic course on front end masters called like intro to Git or something like that, Git fundamentals from Nina Zakharenko, who's my co-worker at Microsoft, she's great. All they want you to do really is I want you to come into your adopt to me directory and I want you to say Git Nit, this is gonna make an empty Git repository.

[00:00:26] You should always do this even if you're not necessarily planning on putting on GitHub. It's just a useful thing to have a Git repository for every project that you're doing. Make sure that's in the root of your project. Notice I'm not in the source directory. I've done that as well.

[00:00:45] You wanna be in the root of your project. And then the last thing you need to do here is you need to create a new file, call it .gitignore. Again, make sure that you put that dot and we're just going to put a bunch of files that we want to ignore for the rest of our project like node modules is a big one.

[00:01:00] And this will improve performance of In fact, you can see here says 3k untracked files. That's because it's tracking everything in node modules. Whereas if I save this, and it'll be significantly faster at some point it'll sometimes point refresh that, but we'll start ignoring node modules. And you can see actually did that wrong.

[00:01:20] I put the Git ignore inside of the source directory. So, if you did look like me, you can just drag and drop it into the root of the directory. And the now you can see it, it's only eight. But again, make sure that your Git ignore is not in your source directory, make sure it's in the root of the project.

[00:01:41] So we're gonna ignore node modules dot cash. That's something that parcel's going to create for us in just a second. Dist is where we're going to build all your files. You don't want to check in built files .env .DS_Store, particularly if you're on a Mac. Coverage that'll come from testing .vscode/ we're not checking in our own VS Code configuration to this.

[00:02:03] So those are just a bunch of good files for you to ignore.