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Brian demonstrates how to specify which files not to track when commiting to a repo.

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Transcript from the "gitignore" Lesson

>> Brian Holt: We are going to create one more file here. This is going to be a gitignore file. So inside of your source directory, create a file called .gitignore.
>> Brian Holt: Like that. Not inside your source one, this is going to go inside of your root directory inside of adopt me.

>> Brian Holt: And here if you are not familiar with get, this is just telling get is like, here is a bunch of stuff, I don't want you to keep a track of inside of my repo. Okay, so .getignore yes use dot. So the first thing you never want to track is node modules, because that's why you can npm install them wherever you want, right?

>> Brian Holt: And then also if you're on Mac you should always ignore DS_Store, which is a file that Mac creates for dumb reasons, let's not talk about it. Let's just say that they're dumb reasons. And then for later parts of the course, you're going to ignore your cache. You're going to ignore dist.

[00:01:12] You're going to ignore coverage. You can ignore the dot VS Code directory or not, that one's up to you. It's just where VS Code keeps track of all your personal preferences for the project, and then you're also going to ignore the .emv file. So this is just telling VS Code, ignore all this stuff, never commit this stuff.

[00:01:35] This is stuff that I just have for me and not to be put in my get repo
>> Brian Holt: Okay, so there's another commit point here. So if you fell people behind the tooling you can feel free to just jump up to this commit. It's something called like add npm scripts and ES Lint and prettier and things like that.