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Brian ties the pieces of the application together to display the image carousel in the app.

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Transcript from the "Carousel Implementation" Lesson

>> Brian: So go to your Details page,
>> Brian: And we're gonna import Carousel from ./Carousel.
>> Brian: And we're going to put this on the detail page. It's going to go, it's the first component inside of .details, so right here. Carousel, and just pass in media, so media=media. And we have to grab that out of this.state.

>> Brian: So import Carousel at the top, on line 27 grab media out of this.state. And then, again, this is coming from the API, if you remember. And then here, on line 31, be out of the Carousel component with media=media that we got from the API.
>> Brian: And that should be enough, now you should see a nice looking Carousel when you go to your page.

[00:01:14] So let's go take a look,
>> Brian: Aw, look at that pup. And so now you can click on both of these, right? And it'll change which image you're looking at.
>> Brian: I just wanna pet that dog, that's all I wanna do right now.
>> Brian: Well, we have gotten up to another Commit point here.

[00:01:39] So we now have done add Details route, add custom Babel config, and add the Carousel. So if you're behind, feel free to jump up to this Commit point.