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Brian briefly explains the font that's used during the course, and demonstrates how to enable font ligatures in VS Code settings.

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Transcript from the "A Note on the Course Font" Lesson

>> Brian Holt: So now we're gonna write some code in here. Instead of our script tag, I'm gonna say const. App. Equals an arrow function.
>> Brian Holt: So some of you might be mystified by this hieroglyphic here. This is what's called a font ligature. So, I have a special font to make it beautiful that I've installed that when I have certain characters that are next to each other, it combines them.

[00:00:31] It's pretty, so that's why I do it. It also supposedly less cognitive overhead parts one character instead of two. Blah, blah, blah. I do it because I think it looks nice. So if I put space here, you'll see that it's actually in equal signs and an angle bracket, but if you put them together it's get that.

[00:00:48] So I'm just gonna show you very quickly how to do that cuz I frequently get asked on how do I get that for myself. The name of this font that I'm using is called Dank Mono. I didn't name it, that's exactly what it's called. At, these wonderful people actually sponsored concatenate or our conference so shout out to them.

[00:01:09] This is a $50 font for the sake it's 40 pounds now, which is I guess more than $50. So you can get that if you want to. You spent a lot of time looking at font, so that might be something to consider I get no kick back from this by the way.

[00:01:24] I'm just a fan. But, if you don't wanna pay for one, there's another one called FIRA Code that is free.
>> Brian Holt: And this very nice person has done that for you. And there are ways to install it. So how to install, you can get that down here. I got it off which is the easy way to do it.

[00:01:49] So, FiraCode would be the other one. Okay, so once you have one of those installed, the way that you put that into VS code is, I'm gonna open my settings so, preferences, settings here, or you can hit command comma, whatever that would be for windows. Okay, so you have to change two things.

[00:02:09] One of them you have to change is your front. So here, I have Dank Mono first and FiraCode second, it works just like a CSS right, so it'll get the first one that I can find, okay. And then you can see here Editor Font Ligatures, you have to enable that as well.

[00:02:27] Right, so that'll allow the actual combining of characters. So if I go back to, don't save over my,
>> Brian Holt: So like if I were to turn off ligatures right now, you can see here that I have this arrow. But if I turned it off,
>> Brian Holt: You'll see that it gets separated again.

[00:02:51] So, cool. So that's how you enable ligatures.