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Congratulations on learning the entire core React library and the fundamental building blocks of React. Brian has more advanced topics in his follow up course, "Intermediate React".

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Transcript from the "Final Thoughts" Lesson

>> Brian Holt: So, congratulations on finishing React. This was the introduction to React course, and you learned the entire core library of React. You learned how to build entire applications using React. You learned all the life cycle methods. You learned how to use portals, contexts, state, props, components, these are the fundamental building blocks of using React.

[00:00:22] Again, this is one of my favorite parts about React, it's a pretty small core library in terms of just methods you need to know. In terms of cognitive load that you have to keep in your brain about React. It's just not much more than what you learned. So from here you can go on and learn more about testing using Ken scores.

[00:00:40] You can go on to my next course which is gonna be a bunch of intermediate modules about how to do various other intermediate things with React, like integrating Redux or switching out Preact for react, other things like that. There's more like advanced patterns, there's other great courses on friend and masters about intermediate to advanced content with React, so definitely go check that as well.

[00:01:04] But yeah, congratulations. Congratulations on finishing React.
>> Audience: [APPLAUSE]
>> Brian Holt: I'm out [LAUGH]