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Students are instructed to use the chroot process to make the bash command cat function within the bash directory.


Transcript from the "chroot Exercise" Lesson

>> So we're gonna do an exercise together, we're going to, Make cat work in this particular scenario as well, right? So what I'm gonna have you do is you're gonna type, echo "my secret soda recipe" into secret.txt like that. Here, you can see that I have a secret.txt, right there, right?

So now if I say, chroot.tash like that, this drop soon into my Linux jailed process, right? If I type ls I can see this and if I type pwd, you can see that I'm in this root directory, can't see outside of it, right?. Now if I type cat secret.txt, command not found, right?

Because cat is not in here, so that's your assignment for this exercise.

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