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In this exercise, students need to find out which of four pages have a memory leak.

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Transcript from the "Memory Leaks Exercise" Lesson

>> Jon Kuperman: And so yeah, so I really recommend playing around with all of these little snapshots and the allocations, comparing some snapshots. So for the next exercise, and the last exercise, we have a memory leaks page. And so this page has four sub pages, and one of them has a memory leak on it, and the other three do not.

[00:00:16] And so the exercise here is a, figure out which one of these four pages has a memory leak using the tools available. And then b, kinda start digging, poking at it, use the tools, see if you can figure out what's causing that memory leak. And if you're ambitious, you can try to figure out what piece of code is responsible for the causing of that memory leak.

[00:00:33] Cool, so we'll take another ten, and then we'll come back together and we'll do it all as a group.