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In this exercise, students figure out why images are not loading when a button is clicked.

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Transcript from the "Debugging Exercise" Lesson

>> Jon Kuperman: So with that, we are onto our second exercise. So if we go back over to the exercises and debugging, again the specifics are not very important here, but the concept is that I have this button and it's supposed to fetch a bunch of Star Wars pictures and put them in the site.

[00:00:15] That's what we're going for here, a bunch of cool Star Wars pictures showing up. But they're not showing up and as, a hint if we open up the DevTools and we go to the Console, we see an error. That's a great place to start, an error will show you what file things are in.

[00:00:29] What we're going to work with here, again, if your JavaScript, if you're not that comfortable with it, don't even worry about that. But we can find the error, find the file that it's in, start adding breakpoints, start seeing if we can figure out why it is that these aren't loading.

[00:00:43] What might be wrong here? And just like the other exercise, we'll go over all of it together, so don't worry about that. But cool, I'll think we'll pause here and we'll give another 15 minute, just let everybody poke around in there and let me know if you have any questions.