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In this exercise, students run a page audit and performance analysis.

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Transcript from the "Audit Exercise" Lesson

>> Speaker 1: And then, Chrome has it's Audit Panel. So we looked through the Lighthouse score already, and we kind of did a little analysis of the main page of the app. So then for an exercise, we've got this auditing exercise over here. It's another app page that's slow to load.

[00:00:19] So just the exercise here is to open it up locally or unmastering dev tools. Run an audit of it. You can run any different ones that you want, or all of them, like the SEO one, the accessibility one. And start getting a feel for what's going on with this page.

[00:00:32] Both why is it so slow, but also what kinda stuff could we be doing to improve it? So really, we'll take, I don't know, ten minutes. We'll run an audit here. See kind of what performance ones that would be the lowest hanging fruit that we could get. And then I'll run over it together.

[00:00:47] And if you have extra time, you could start running audits on your own sites. And after this, we'll cover it together and then we'll go over what the most common things that you find with the audits are.