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Rationale for Simple Shapes

Creative Coding with Canvas & WebGL

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Matt discusses a project that inspired him from a film festival in Brazil, demonstrating how simple shapes can produce powerful images.


Transcript from the "Rationale for Simple Shapes" Lesson

>> Mathew DesLauriers: Okay, the other thing I wanted to just highlight is because I think sometimes when you go through these kind of exercises of using cubes and spheres and toruses and stuff like that, you get into this sense of why am I just using a cube when I can load any model in the world and I can create this like crazy complicated thing.

But I think there's something really beautiful and powerful in working with really simple shapes. And so, this is a branding and sort of design identity for a film festival. And I'm not even sure if they used code or if they just used Cinema4D or something like that. But basically, what I wanted to highlight is that these simple shapes with simple lighting information can be really powerful depending on how you execute it and how you present it.

So rather than just looking at your cube scene and saying it's just cubes, it's not that interesting. I think there's something really powerful and limiting yourself to only work with cubes. Or limiting yourself to only work with simple and primitive shapes, just like we were doing with the 2D API, because it sort of forces you into this different way of presenting your work.

And so, that's just something to say don't feel too discouraged if you're only able to create cubes because you can still do a lot of stuff with cubes.

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