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Lukas covers the agenda for the next part of the course.

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Transcript from the "Course Introduction, Part 2" Lesson

>> Lukas Ruebbelke: So we covered quite a bit of ground yesterday. And we're going to start with a review, just to kind of a little conversation, what did we cover. A little bit of a review challenge. And then we get into forms. And then driven architecture, my favorite. And we'll take it from there.

[00:00:19] But, today my goal is to expand what we learned about features or building a feature, for the most part, a component and a service. And extend that knowledge to include how to actually construct multiple components and features. And how to have them fit together and work together, because, at least for me, every non-trivial application that I've worked on has has done more than one thing, usually.

[00:00:54] Like you might want to actually register a user, update some information on or maybe some collection of, let's say, like payroll and customer information, etc. Well, eventually there needs to be kind of some sanity about how all these features converge and they communicate and share state, etc. So, this is the goal for today, is expanding on how we build a single feature, which is pretty much a component and a service, to how do we kind of fit them together and make them talk?

[00:01:28] So, the agenda today is we're going to do a review challenge. So just to kind of shake off the cobwebs, and just go over kind of what we learned, reinforce it. And then we'll talk about template driven forms, component driven architecture, server communications. Then we're going to get into observable fundamentals.

[00:01:52] So observables are easily one of my favorite things in programming right now. And from there, reactive forms, and if we have time, animations.