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Lukas sets the course agenda first part of the course focused on constructing a single feature in AngularJS.

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Transcript from the "Course Agenda" Lesson

>> Lukas Ruebbelke: And so, here's the agenda. I'm going to talk about the demo application just real quick, so we can see what it looks like. Then this is going to be the longest module. But I'm going to just from a high level, talk about the big picture, and what are the big pieces in Angular and how do they fit together.

[00:00:19] So for me when I start to, I'm picking up a book or a textbook especially, I like to look at the table of contents and just say, what are we going to cover. And so this is kind of the condensed version, and then we'll spend the rest of the workshop over the next couple of days, unpacking it, getting into it.

[00:00:35] So I would expect at the end of that first module, by the end, eyes are gonna be glazed over and everybody is gonna go get a doughnut, take a deep breath, and then we'll come back and actually start writing the code. So just a forewarning that, into the big picture we're just going to get a high level view, talk about a lot of concepts but then we'll start to break that down.

[00:00:56] Then we're gonna do a quick intro to the Angular CLI, and then we're gonna get right into components, templates, services, and template driven forms. And I think that will set the foundation for how do we build a feature in Angular.