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In this challenge, students code a review feature including file structure, component class, and template, students will create a project that covers concepts covered in the first part of the course's material.

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Transcript from the "Challenge 6: Review Feature" Lesson

>> Lucas Ruebbelke: Let us do a review. So this is gonna be pretty straight forward. In your working example, create a new review feature. So include the file structure, component class, and template. And then make it available to the rest of the application. And then what I would like you to do is display the review component in the application using its selector, and then also via a route.

[00:00:32] This is kind of like our original challenge yesterday. And then from there, just bind to a simple property in the template. So this could be name whatever. And then just create a small array and use a built in directive to display that on the page.