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In this challenge, students create a status component and place it in a home component. Then students add the necessary UI elements to facilitate communications between the home component and status component.

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Transcript from the "Challenge 12: Review Challenge" Lesson

>> Lucas: What I'd like everybody to do, is we're just going to create a child component, and I want us to wire up an input and an output. So, what I'm thinking is just create a status component. You can use the CLI for this, create kind of a currentStatus input.

[00:00:18] So you could just say, logged in. And then create a logout output. So just put a button in there, that when you click it just says hey, I wanna logout. And so the idea is to just know that you need to basic communicate status into it, and then also handle the event to change the status as an output, and then implement the necessary Ul elements to facilitate communication between the two.

[00:00:49] What's that?
>> Speaker 2: What's the branch?
>> Lucas: You can do it off of any branch for now, whatever branch you're on. it does not matter. You could do it on Master branch. So some of the examples we are going to get into are only on Master. So in this case it probably would be fine to just hop into Master and work from there