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In this challenge, students on their own attempt to re-implement the observable demonstration that Lukas has done.

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Transcript from the "Challenge 11: Observable Demo" Lesson

>> Lukas Ruebbelke: So I am going to pull up the challenge and we can do a freeze frame on this and so I am going to leave you with this. And this is, in a sense, what I have just done. So I think we are at a good spot. And what I would like everybody to do, is just sometime this evening, go back through and try to re-implement what I've done.

[00:00:24] So from event, map. So you use map, play around with that filter and then more importantly, bufferTime distinctUntilChanged and switchMap. Now granted, everything I'm asking you to do, I've done in five lines approximately. And so this will be kind of the final module for today. Does anybody have any questions about what we've covered in the last two days?

[00:00:52] We can talk about the meaning of life to, why I write the code the way I do, Angular, whatever you would like, but I'll be available for probably the next 24 hours, you can at least get a hold of me. Just kidding.
>> Lukas Ruebbelke: Well if nobody has anything to that end, again thank you for an awesome day two.

[00:01:20] Thank you everyone online, you're awesome as always. And see everybody tomorrow for day three. Please do try to do this homework, this to me is super powerful and very exciting.