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In this challenge, students identify the major Angular pieces in the sample application. Then create a new property to the Items component binding it to the view as well as another property to the ItemsService to be consumed by a component.

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Transcript from the "Challenge 1: Angular Pieces" Lesson

>> Lucas Ruebbelke: What I would like everyone to do is to just go through the application and just look for the major pieces. So, for instance, I will kind of show you this and we'll kinda go through it afterwards. So let's actually just take an all-encompassing 15 minute break, cuz I don't think this will take very long.

[00:00:20] I'd like everyone to just go through and say, where are the components? Okay, well, here's the class and here's the template. And so, just poke around, and say, well, what does service look like? So you can see here that it's just a class and it does some things.

[00:00:34] So just take ten minutes, do nothing, relax, and then take another five minutes and start to just kinda look through, identify some of the pieces. And if you want, go ahead, and you can add a property to the Items component and bind to it. And if you're feeling super ambitious, just add a property to the ItemsService, and then consume it in the component.