Introduction to Bash, VIM & Regex Introduction to Bash, VIM & Regex

Overview of Introduction to Bash, VIM and Regex

James Halliday
James Halliday

Dive into the command-line and learn Unix utility programs such as Bash shell, Regular Expressions, and Vim editor! Join James Halliday -- the author of browserify and a Node expert with more than 750 packages at npm for this illuminating guide to everything Unix! -- He’ll show you how to take control of the Unix command line to write your own tools, automate tasks with shell scripts and the pipeline, compose regular expressions to master search patterns, and easily edit files with the popular Vim editor. By coding along with James in this workshop, you’ll gain mastery of the unix command-line using the bash shell. Edit files on remove servers with VIM, search and match patterns with regex, and update user passwords and restart system services. While no programming or prior command-line experience is required, this course is ideal for those who want to enhance their programming skills!

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