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>> Right? And so again, kind of as the concluding thoughts around a lot of this. There's a bunch of really basic primitives that open up a lot of possibility, but I think the most interesting parts come not from, okay, what can I just do with an Arduino board, right?

What can I, obviously we've used the web browser before, right? But okay, cool. Can I take the web audio API and make a keyboard with a bunch of buttons and make a musical instrument out of an Arduino board? As it sends the web sockets and then triggers notes on the web audio API, right?

And make a whole bunch. Can I turn my browser into a hardware synthesizer with an Arduino plugged in? And theoretically, Johnny-5 is great, and you should probably use that. Theoretically, you could take the node out of the equation, just do it through here as the serial bytes were coming through and you could parse it and make an instrument.

Could you take, as we saw before, the get user media API and stream your face to have it do all sorts of stuff, right? Whatever it is, right, control different things. The interesting part I think is taking all the interesting browser APIs or Webhooks as we saw towards the very end.

Any of those things and try to mix and match all these technologies do creative things. One of the examples in there is p5.js which is processing, could you literally have art that changes based on a temperature sensor? What are all the interesting parts between, again, and there's a lot of other sensors.

I think I showed you before. There's stuff like a soil sensor. Could you use the push notification API or hook it up to Twilio or something like that to text you when your plant is thirsty, right? I think there's a bunch of really kind of interesting pieces that are maybe not so easy to do or approachable with just an Arduino, right?

Obviously, all of the node in JavaScript you have is trapped inside of this like Internet box that you have, right? And so a way to get a lot of these outside world things and be able to build really cool stuff and be able to integrate those. I think that's where the fun part is.

And my hope is that a week from now, you'll be walking down the street, and you will come up with some cool idea. And all the primitives are here, and it's incredibly approachable. So yeah, questions? Yeah.
>> In terms of accessing user devices on the browser, what kind of security issues should we be concerned about?

>> Yeah, I mean, so you get a bunch in there from Chrome to begin with. So for instance, for the Web Audio API, for the serial API, it will now let you just like, okay, cool and that script j.s or whatever, right? There are a lot of times they have to take some interaction with the page, right?

To make the connection, otherwise Chrome won't let you. And it's one of those things, that's a moving target because a few years ago that wasn't true, right? If you control the page, it's obviously a lot easier. Dustin.
>> Yeah, and just to follow up, Maximiliano Firtman has a course "Tour Web Capabilities" that covers the serial API and a bunch of other of these.

>> Awesome.
>> Edge case APIs and the security around them, how you have to get permission and those kinds of things.
>> Yep, the nice part is in this case, you are both sides of the user, right? These are mostly for your kind of interesting projects. So it's you can choose, you have a little more flexibility cuz it's you versus you versus a lot of these.

I don't know that I would build full production things on top of any of these things, especially Chromium only kind of things, right? But for your own interesting projects, whether they be around the house or art projects, I think you get a little bit more latitude and flexibility in those cases as well.

Yeah. Awesome, thank you so much. Yeah.

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