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Lukas demonstrates some of the features of the Redux devtools, and explains how they help to map out the state of the application at any given instance.


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>> Lukas: And then I think in the div it's saying like here's this new thing. So you can actually go and see what is happening because now we're doing it in one specific place and it's atomic. And what is also cool is that you can step backwards in time.

So another we're gonna say, let's just pop this object, but it's actually an object off the stack. And so I could go all the way back and play this forward.
>> Lukas: And if I for instance, now let's say I deleted this one.
>> Lukas: And then let's say I went here, and I updated this one.

>> Lukas: We'll save this, so now that we're seeing these actions are moving through the system. We'll go here and we'll go so we'll back this out, back this out, back this out. And then you can play it forward and backwards. So by now having your state in a single place, and everything that's modifying that state defined in a single action, an object, that you can then stack in.

So if this object is going to modify the entire state into a new state. Well, if you know those actions somebody could write them on a piece of paper. This is a hypothetical scenario. But somebody could sit down and write in the right notation paper, I could scan it using OCR.

Turn into text. Side load it into an application. And it would play those actions back. And so by separating this out from the dom and the response into an action and then the effect, this is when we're able to start doing things like this.
>> Lukas: To me, this is, [LAUGH] This really changed everything for me.

The ability to move forward, and backwards, and know everything about my application state at any given time.

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