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In this exercise, you will create the BlogPostComponent directive. This exercise contains less help than previous exercises and is intended to reinforce some concepts from earlier exercises.

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Transcript from the "Exercise 6" Lesson

>> [MUSIC]

>> Scott: All right so, the next step, if you join me, will be step six. Check out step six. Whoa, and this one, what is this one? This was is block components I think. Yeah, so this one we're gonna do like just creating, you're gonna be going through and creating a components again.

[00:00:31] But there's a little less in there for you this time and a little more for you to do, and some extra stuff that you didn't get to do before we created the home component in the blog component. So you're gonna be making the blog post component. And like I said, there's less here, more to do, and new stuff to do as well.

[00:00:51] I added a whole bunch of new stuff. Yeah, there's no to dos? Here we go, there's some to dos. Yeah, there's like four of them.
>> Scott: If you're not getting to dos, maybe do a pull from GitHub to see if you have the latest branch.
>> Speaker 2: What plugin is that?

>> Scott: The todo plugin? That is gulp todoist. Yeah it's okay, you can probably just make your own and be better. This one's fine, but I really have like it's like very hard to read. I wish I was a different color. Yeah so, what you're gonna be doing is making a blog post component.

[00:01:33] There's a blog post folder already there with the files already there. But again, there's more to do. Less hints and new stuff as well. Especially in a blog-post.js, some new, if you don't know angular, you're probably going to get lost here, which is fine. You should definitely struggle a little bit.

>> Scott: But there's some funky stuff going on in there, I promise you. So, what that will look like if you are done.
>> Scott: Would be this.
>> Scott: Oops, did I not, cool, so you get like, it's orange now I changed the color. Now if you go in and you click on one of these little buttons on the kitty card, you get to go see the blog.

[00:02:34] That's what that should look like. Alright, so if you click that you see the blog.
>> Scott: So, I don't think I made it too hard for you as far as like trying to figure out how to get this slug in the URL, I think I did that part already.

[00:02:56] Because that would just been really, really torture. But yeah, you pretty much just have to fill in the holes in the component.