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Students are instructed to add additional fields to the form started in the previous sections, and link them to the appropriate Angular component.

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Transcript from the "Form Template Exercise" Lesson

>> So if we look in the courses component, you notice that the object itself we have two fields, one for title, one for description. But we have two more, that we have not added into our form. And so what I'd like to do, is just do a real quick challenge, where I would like everybody to take a stab at hooking these two remaining fields into the appropriate, angular material component.

[00:00:43] And so just think about what would be an appropriate control, for percentage, and what would be another appropriate control, for something that is Boolean, like true or false? And so we'll take just another 10 minutes, and we'll do this small challenge, and when we come back, we'll fill this form out and then we'll talk about services.

[00:01:11] So 3 2 1, let's get the challenge completed.