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In this challenge, you will create a route to the widgets feature and use the routeLink to navigate to that feature. You will also incorporate both route and query parameters into the widgets route.

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Transcript from the "Challenge 6" Lesson

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>> Scott Moss: What I want you to do is take your widgets feature and make it a new route, add a link to the top of the nav bar, actually it's on the slides right here.
>> Speaker 2: That's why I made them.
>> Scott Moss: Yeah, so create a route for the widgets feature.

[00:00:21] Use routeLink to navigate to the widgets feature. Create a method in the items component that imperatively navigates to the route, so that means use the router service that we talked about. And then, add parameters to the widgets route, and use the route parameters to capture those parameters, and show a different widget based on that parameter.