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Students are instructed to update the form to show percentComplete and update the form to show favorite.

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Transcript from the "Form Exercise" Lesson

>> I'm going to issue a challenge, a challenge. So let's pull up our challenges MD, and I believe that we just check here. Title description percent. Yep, all right. So, what I would like for everybody to do is to, in the form I would like for everybody to update the form to show percent complete as well as favorite.

[00:00:43] Now, I'm going to give you a hint, If we go to Angular material, think about if you have something that is a number. What is a good representation of that, especially when it's 0 to 100? If you have something that is a Boolean value such as true or false, what is a, an appropriate control for that?

[00:01:19] So in side of this challenge, I'm going to check this in. And just leave this here. I just want everybody to add these to form elements into the existing form that I'm going to check in and push up. But also a bonus. How can we Edit a course in and Without affecting, The other representations.

[00:02:19] So I've already given you a hint, it's actually in the code. But what I would like for people to think about is when I start typing here, how do I keep this from happening? So thinking caps on and this is the challenge. So to form controls. And think about how to do this without affecting the other representations of that, that's bound to it.