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Students are instructed to display courses using ngFor, add an event handler to select a course, and display the raw JSON of the chosen course for both the courses and home components.

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Transcript from the "Component Exercise" Lesson

>> I would like for you to, in a sense, do what I've done in to the start branch. And so start that out. And so, in the courses component, complete the following challenges. So display the courses using ngFor. Add an event handler for the selected course and display a, Raw JSON of selected courses.

[00:00:31] Now let me check something here real quick. I'm going to augment this just slightly. And I'm going to add in, I would also like everybody to, within the home component, you should see that there's a number of course lessons. I would like for everybody to render those as well.

[00:01:08] So I'm going to update, This challenge, File. Complete the following challenges. Display lessons using ngFor and also, We're gonna basically do the same thing, but, We're gonna do this for lessons. So you're gonna just double up on this. So, everything I've done up to this point has been checked in.

[00:01:58] I would prefer that you start at 00 Start and if you go into the resources, the challenges MD, this is the first challenge here. And I've already done a portion of this but I'd like you to do it. But then we'll also do the home component when I get back as the solution.