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>> All right, so what have we learned today? We've learned time and space complexity. We learned about arrays, linear search, binary search, two crystal balls, lists, singly, doubly, queue, stack, ArrayList, RingBuffers, recursion, maze solving, QuickSort, trees, traversals, pre order, in order, post order, BSF traversals, comparing binary trees, binary search trees, heaps, tries, graphs, BFS/DFS Dijkstra's shortest path, map, and an LRU thus far.

This is quite a few things to learn. Usually, again, a lot of these things take 225 hours worth of effort. If you spend four hours for three hours a week plus a one hour lab that takes about five hours, this is what you would effectively get to at the end of it.

There might be a couple more graphs, probably not an LRU, just depends kind of on where you're at. Implementing a map is really not all that hard. So that might have been a week in which you only spent an hour in the lab, versus spending four hours, five hours, eight hours in the lab.

That was a lot, how does everyone feel? Feeling pretty good? All right, so I am gonna do something that's a little different, a little unexpected. Yeah, first, I gotta do this one. How many of you are interested in using vim? Come on, did you see how sweet?
>> I was interested in using vim before I even saw you using it.

>> Nice, okay, so you're cool before it was cool to be cool. I mean, you're a cup of coffee at this point. [LAUGH]
>> But coffee's hot.
>> It shouldn't be.
>> Get it, you drink it before it's cool, hipster. It's like, come on, that's even your name, practically.

It was the greatest pun in the universe. All right, so-
>> [LAUGH]
>> I really liked that. So anyways, you can always use it, have a course on it, very, very excited about that. What's next, really? There's a bunch of exotic sweep trees, graphing data structures, implementing anything in Rust, always pretty much an exercise in futility, using Neovim.

There's all sorts of worlds out there that can help improve your developer experience. And I'm gonna do this, okay? [SOUND] We're gonna do a hair reveal. So, first off, hair reveal. I do have hair, it's not a skull in the back. Look at that, just a big thing of hair.

But the reason why I do that is I did want to say something more important than that. Which is that a lot of people don't have awesome opportunities, right? In life, it is very, very hard to be able to sit through these things, and to be able to have the time to be able to do this.

I don't want you guys to waste it. In other words, there's plenty of people out there whose life is hard. You guys have something awesome. Don't just ignore this, go, that was cool. Use it, become awesome. Become something better than you are now. Because I didn't have, [SOUND] I'm always so bad at this.

It always takes a couple times. I didn't have a lot of these opportunities growing up, and I want you guys to have them. So that's why I get motivated to make these things. It's not easy, it takes tons of time. But I want you guys to be motivated, to be excited like I am.

So, there you go. As the ending, I wasn't prepared to do that. I just felt like it was real. There you go. I'm sure I had more to say, but I couldn't. For now, vim on and prosper. It's way cooler than all the rest, and that's it.

>> There you go. I'm trying not to cry, but it always ends up happening. It's kind of hot in here, little sweat, just a little bit.

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