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Wrapping up the "Advanced Vue.js Features from the Ground Up" course, Evan talks about financial sponsorship of Vue.js help move the open source project forward.


Transcript from the "Wrapping Up" Lesson

>> Student: So with that, you should pitch your Patreon.
>> multiple: [LAUGH]
>> Evan You: Yeah, yes. If you're watching this, yeah, please, the Patreon, So we It actually accept both individuals and companies so if your company uses Vue and is really liking it, please consider becoming a sponsor and if you sponsor your logo gets listed here.

We also have a dedicated sponsor page that. Shows all the current sponsors. This is really the main source of income to keep them going so yeah. I'll take this chance to pitch it. Please.
>> Student: Awesome with that, any other final questions. Otherwise we'll wrap this up.
>> Student: All right, so that's it.

>> Evan You: Thanks everyone.
>> multiple: [APPLAUSE]

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